The In

16th March 2017
It all started with a visit to the Highland Print Studio based in Inverness, to be honest it was actually a 2 day course in photo gravure, polymer to be critically accurate. I used the lunch time break to have a little walk down by the river and I found some lovely little shapes so armed with a Leica M4-P sporting a voigtlander 35mm f2.5 I shot a roll of Ilford delta 100. All the shots were taken within 100m of each other and it sparked a little idea.
The name of the project was In, ok the first two letters of the city of Inverness may not be a great title but it was better than "Inverness, the shit bits". Surrounded by the highlands most of us head out to the majestic landscape that we see in the distance but here I was under a bridge I have traveled over for 10 years and never took time to walk around.
So here we are 35mm images

The following morning I drove into the city and before the final day with John and his amazing print studio I went for a little walk to retrace my steps, armed with Adox CMS20II behind the voigtlander 50mm nokton f1.1 I tried to isolate the little bits of Inverness that we walk past without a second thought. Hopefully I will get 6 images for printing at the studio.